Maintenance Request Form

Please report your none emergency maintenance issue using the form below. Your request will be assessed within one working day. The more information you supply the better, make and model numbers of boilers and appliances are a big help! Thank you for reporting your issues which we will work respond to ASAP.

For none-emergency issues

Only submit your maintenance request if it is NOT an emergency. For emergency issues please visit our Tenants page for further details.

More details, the better!

The more information you provide on this form will enable us to resolve/ repair your issue as fast as possible.

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By Submitting this maintenance request;

  • You have tried and test means in which would be seen as taking the appropriate action to rectify this problem as the tenant, before processing this as a maintenance request.
  • You are agreeing that if the fault is found to be the tenants responsibility the tenant will be responsible to pay the invoice due to complete the works needed.
  • You will be booked by AM/PM appointment, if you are not at the property at the time of the booked appointment you will be charged £55.00 call out fee from the Maintenance Department.
  • If you allow entry to the maintenance workers, this will be at your own choice; Winnie Tree and the Contractors will take no responsibility for loss of items or damages if attending a property where the tenant is not present.

How can we gain entry to the property to inspect/ carry out the repairs?

What is the category of the issue

You can upload muliple images. Maximum upload size is 15MB. Supported formats are .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf