Terms & Conditions Of Fees

Application fees are no longer charged. 


Reservation Fee

Upon submission of application, we charge a £50.00 reservation fee. Any application will not be processed until the reservation fee is paid. This can be paid by Cash, Card or BACS. 

If accepted – The £50.00 is off-set against the total move in costs. 

If not accepted – The £50.00 will be refunded – Unless any false or misleading information has been given on the application form, if this can be proven, Winnie Tree are entitled to keep the £50.00 for time spent and costs occurred processing the application. 

If you change your mind at any point after you have submitted your application – you will lose the £50.00 Reservation Fee. 

During the processing of an application, the property will remain on the market and viewings will continue until you are accepted. The reservation fee paid will stop any further application been submitted against the property you currently have reserved. 


Holding Deposit

Once accepted for a property you will be required to pay a Holding Deposit of £250.00 on top of the already paid £50.00. Again, this will be off set against the total move in costs due on they day of signing. This needs to be paid within 24 hours of acceptance. 

If I don’t move in after I have paid the Holding Deposit – If you don’t move in after all the charges are paid you will loose the Reservation Fee and Holding Deposit as this will contribute in the re-marketing of the property and time lost on the market while the property was reserved to you. 


Other Fees

On payment of your Holding Deposit you will be required to book your move in date. Once this date is booked the paperwork relating to your tenancy will be started. If for any reason you wish to change this date or any other alterations to the tenancy pack are required you will be charged a minimum of £25.00 and a maximum of £100.00 – relative costs associated with these changes. 

During tenancy, if any amendments are required you will be charged a minimum of £25.00 and a maximum of £100.00 per amendment, relative costs associated with the changes. 

Out of hours call out, if a member of the team has to visit your property for any reason out of hours you will be charged a £25.00 Call Out Charge. 

Maintenance, any maintenance issues that deemed fault by tenant or upon arrival remains the tenant’s responsibility Winnie Tree holds the right to pass all charges to said tenant. Minimum call out charge for out of hours: £55.00. If the tenant is to miss two or more scheduled appointments with the maintenance team they will also be charged for the attendance. Minimum Charge: £45.00.



All refunds will be made via BACs payment and will be paid within 28 days of agreed refund. 

All fees displayed above from our Terms and Conditions of fees and by applying for the property you are agreeing to these fees. 

All fees are inline with the Tenant Fee Act 2019.