Christmas Hours & Tenant Information

Below are our amended opening times over the festive period

Wednesday 22nd December 2020      |   09:00 – 19:00

Thursday 23rd December 2020          |    09:00 – 19:00

Friday 24th December 2020                |   CLOSED

Saturday 25th December 2020           |    CLOSED

Sunday 26th December 2020              |   CLOSED

Monday 27th December 2020            |    CLOSED

Tuesday 28th December 2020            |   CLOSED

Wednesday 29th December 2020      |   10:00 – 16:00

Thursday 30th December 2020         |   10:00 – 16:00

Friday 31st January 2021                     |    CLOSED

Saturday 1st January 2021                  |    CLOSED

Sunday 2nd January 2021                   |    CLOSED

Monday 3rd January 2021                  |    CLOSED

Tuesday 4th January 2021                  |    Open as normal

Tenant Notices


⚠️ Dealing with an Emergency – If the worst happens and you have a burst:

  • Turn off the stop tap and open all sink taps to drain off as much water as possible.
  • If the heating system is affected, find the system drain and /or bleed values and drain down,
    releasing the system pressure as quickly as possible.
  • Locate any leaks and catch leaking water in containers whilst temporarily lagging the leaking

Please be aware that our insurance policy and your tenancy agreement states that the insurers should be informed if the property is to be left empty for more than 14 days.

In an emergency please call 01253 304309 or our Emergency Contact Number.

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I've noticed a few properties with no 'Price Unit' next to the rent price (eg: Monthly/ Weekly)
Therefore listings simply display the rent price with no month/ week text next to it (eg: £195 | instead of £195 /pw)

Please make sure you confirm the price unit is selected (either monthly/ weekly) when changing the property status from Coming Soon > To Rent > Let Agreed, as this affects search results

Click image to enlarge image

Any questions or issues, let me know  - Thanks, Scott ❤️